Created in 2003, PIC is a joint undertaking of the Spanish and Catalan governments through CIEMAT and IFAE. PIC has been designated by the Spanish government as its LHC Tier-1 centre, and it is the main (Tier-0) data centre for the MAGIC telescope and the PAU dark energy survey. PIC maintains a transversal innovation activity with many significant results over the years, related to software, hardware, monitoring and energy efficiency.



The team of the Port d’Informació Científica (PIC) supports scientific groups working in projects which require strong computing resources for the analysis of massive sets of distributed data.

PIC, the Port d’Informació Científica is:

  • A key enabler for projects that require the storage and processing of large amounts of data in collaborative teams and under extremely difficult conditions
  • A provider of technology, innovation, coordination and economies of scale
  • A development centre of techniques and general services in the context of the emerging Global Information GRID
  • A centre of excellence to enable Spain to participate in European projects for the development of the International GRID Infrastructure for science and technology