PIC finished the contribution to Euclid’s GSIR

Euclid’s Ground Segment Implementation Review is an official ESA’s review of the status of the Ground Segment of the project, including the SGS (Science Ground Segment) to which PIC belongs. 

PIC contributed to the data package for the Data Processing Panel, which shall assess the status of the Processing Functions (PF) as well as the ability of the SGS to produce and distribute Q1 data products. In order to demonstrate this, the SGS simulated and processed the equivalent to a full day of observation (~10 square degrees). PIC played a key role in this effort, providing the input catalogs, running part of the simulations and producing the documentation relative to the Simulations PF.

The GSIR production (SWF1 & 2 & 3) laid the groundwork for the much more ambitious Scientific Challenge 8 Main Area production, taking place in mid 2021, which will cover ~600 square degrees. Image by H. Aussel.